CTOUCH Academy – Practical training and workshops

CTOUCH Academy offers you a customized courses to gain more insight, knowledge and skills in the use of your software in combination with an interactive touch display. The courses can be given both individually and in groups, online and on-site training or a combination of both. Of course depending on your requirements.

CTOUCH Academy offers basic training and specific training courses. The basic training ensures that you will quickly feel comfortable with a touch display and its use. Additionally we offer trainings for specific software or teaching methods that apply to you.

More information? Our Specialists can tell you all about it. Leave a message and someone will get back to you at your convenience.


You are entitled to the best touch experience. These CTOUCH accessories offer you the chance to get the most out of your display. Now that’s a great set of extras. Discover them, get familiar with them.


Wired, wireless, integrated …
C2C technology, optional built-in PC and OPS modules prevent loose plugs or tangled cables getting in your way. Connect with NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Intel WiDi and Miracast.


Take your time
Listen to the sound of perfection

See me, feel me, touch me …
Let CTOUCH sharpen your senses. The fabulous interaction between sound and vision turns every CTOUCH experience into an unforgettable one. Let the remarkable digital sound, powered by JBL, be your guide. The crystal clear sound will be like your favorite music to your ears. That is the sound of perfection.

Perfect sound, natural vibe
The CTOUCH Laser is exclusively equipped with powerful Class-A JBL-speakers. Always ready for a strong sound, always pleasant to the ears.

Mounting systems

Elevate your CTOUCH experience

Just as there are many uses for the CTOUCH display, there are many possibilities and extras to perfectly cater to your demands. The electrical adjustable lift for a fixed or mobile solution is a fine example. The ergonomically designed, solid and durable wall and mobile lifts brings CTOUCH always at your fingertips, always ready for business. Stunningly designed, to catch everyone’s admiring eye.

CTOUCH Software portal

Want to gain some attractive advantages? Interested in all available software solutions to combine with your CTOUCH products? Soon you’ll find a Software Portal at this spot, carrying various packages aimed at the CTOUCH user. To try out for a brief period of time, or to use forever for free. Keep your eye on this page and News!

Are you a creator of interactive software who wants to get in touch with CTOUCH? Please contact us at pm@ctouch.eu


Interested in broadening your knowledge, the exchange of knowledge and the part touch can play in achieving your goals? Don’t miss out; get inspired by the world of touch.

CTOUCH keeps you informed on product developments, special projects, new technologies and lots more.

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