Offer your students an interactive, contemporary learning method that fully embraces tomorrow’s top-notch technology today.


Challenge your students to actively take part in class by adding an attractive dose of interactivity to your tuition. Develop the talents of individuals on the one hand, while stimulating teamwork and sharing of knowledge on the other. CTOUCH hands you all ingredients to successfully educate all your students.

High quality of education!

The Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden is one of the oldest schools in the Netherlands. The history of the school goes back to the middle ages. Nowadays the school is also the largest independent high school in the Netherlands, with nearly two thousand students. A new building was constructed in 2014, in order to remain attractive for students and staff, and to permanently guarantee the high quality of education. Nine classrooms in this building were designed.

In order to be able to present the study material in a clear, detailed and interactive way with full visual impact, 70 inch CTOUCH displays were installed. Besides a good display, visual impact and readability, these CTOUCH displays have properties that allows teaching in an interactive way which challenges the students. A simple touch of the display brings the screen to life and forms the starting point of an interactive adventure. Additionally, notes can be made on the “classic whiteboards” that can be attached to either side of the CTOUCH display.

A good display is essential, as is good sound

For this reason speech, music and sound of videos are emitted in a powerful and clear way by a professional sound bar attached underneath the screen. Everything that is done and shown on the CTOUCH interactive display is easily visible for all students and has optimal sound quality. They have also thought about the ease of use…

The CTOUCH screen can be turned on and off, the source can be changed and the volume can be adapted by means of an MLC control panel made by Extron. In order to get as much as possible out of the use of the CTOUCH displays and to explain all the functionalities and possibilities to the teachers, a specialized trainer gave the future users of the CTOUCH interactive screens a one day training. They learned the ins and outs of the board and the software and received tips & tricks in order to be put the interactive display to maximal use.

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