Neuigkeiten 18-12-2017

Pay it forward with CTOUCH

Affecting change doesn’t take much. Every one of us can help to make this world a better place, and so does CTOUCH this holiday season.

Instead of sending a Christmas gift this year, we’ve decided to start a Pay it forward initiative and support the rebuilding of the Sister Marie Laurence primary school in Sint Maarten.

After the devastating hurricane in 2017, the school suffered extensive damage and consequently was entirely looted and completely vandalized, leaving behind literally just the shell of the school.

As part of the rebuilding the school project, CTOUCH is donating eight 75 inch interactive touch screens, and shows its commitment to turning learning and interaction into a positive experience for both students and teachers.

We invite you, our trusted partners, to join us in this initiative and start your own Pay it forward project for schools in need. We look forward to hearing your initiatives. Feel free to email them at marketing@ctouch.eu

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