Neuigkeiten 31-08-2020

Our new Product Marketing Specialist is ‘at the right time and the right place’

Who could have imagined last year that so many of us would be forced to work remotely on such a scale? CTOUCH's mission is to foster effective collaboration. Now more than ever, this is the aim that Niels has committed to.

Meet Niels Leibbrandt

“At the right time and the right place” is what our new Product Marketing Specialist thinks about his first project, the launch of the brand new Canvas touchscreen. Niels has been part of the CTOUCH team since summer 2020. Technology, innovation and smart marketing are Niels' great passion. Over the past 10 years, he kept himself busy as co-founder of ‘Tech to Market’, a boutique agency in Eindhoven that provides marketing services to B2B organisations. Often the question was how companies can implement new marketing developments and how to secure these digital working methods.

Niels sees himself as a 'full-stack' product marketer. After graduating as a Commercial Technical Engineer, he gained the first 10 years of working experience in Product Management at Philips and Sony. After that he switched to the agency side at Tech to Market where he worked on digital marketing projects.

Niels believes that overall market growth, ‘to make a bigger cake’, is the ultimate proof of success. Taking quality improvements step by step is the way forward to sustainable growth. The growth ambitions of CTOUCH Europe and the entrepreneurial team working here were a clear match for Niels in making his choice for the company as employer.

After welcoming our new Product Marketing Specialist with open arms, CTOUCH has continued its growth ambition. You might have already seen our new vacancies, such as Business Development Manager Corporate Solutions.

CTOUCH is known for having a lot of go-getters in the team. Therefore, we are very happy with having a new one on board. Welcome Niels!

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