Neuigkeiten 26-02-2020

Our new HR Advisor is always on the lookout and she's on fire expanding the CTOUCH bunch

Can you believe it?! Within two years time from 16 to 52 employees. And still growing. Our new HR Advisor Renée de Bruijn will make sure of that.

Meet Renée de Bruijn

HR Advisor, Renée de Bruijn, joined our team in January 2020. Just like CTOUCH, Renée embraces sustainability as she worked as a HR Officer at Lightyear. A start-up where they build a very efficient electrical car which charges on the power of sun. So she already feels at home in the area of innovative technologies. With a Master Psychology in her pocket, Renée has always been passionate about organisation dynamics. With her great perspective of human nature her main objective is to let organisations and people excel.

We all welcomed our new HR Advisor with open arms and Renée started sinking her teeth into several HR activities like our new vacancies. Proposition Manager, Country Manager UK and other open positions probably haven't gone unnoticed. With Renée by our side we bring collaboration to a whole new level in our very own modern workplace.

Although Renée is passionate about the development of her colleagues, she's currently developing her own renovating skills. She and her husband just moved into their new home in Nuenen. Besides being busy finishing their new home, Renée regularly finds the time to be out on the hockey field. And when the summer is coming she can't wait to jump on the sailing boat.

CTOUCH is known for having go-getters on board. So, we're more than happy to have our new go-getter on board. Welcome Renée! And if you're interested in our current open positions you know where to find her.

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