Blog 09-04-2019

Interactive touchscreens make digital work easy in construction

Interactive touchscreens make digital work easy in construction at BAM, a tangible symbol for a new way of working: the BIMscreen from CTOUCH. With this large format, interactive touchscreen, the construction company can perform its BIM work better and the calculation department has succeeded in working completely paperless. No easy task in a field where the large sheets of drawings seemed irreplaceable until recently. It is all part of the new philosophy at BAM, in which digitisation and flexibility are seen as important pillars of working efficiently.


Working digitally is sustainable and, above all, much more efficient. Printing drawings, making notes on the prints, scanning them or retyping the notes is no longer necessary with a touchscreen. This eliminates a number of time-consuming and error-prone actions. The chance that information gradually gets lost or errors creep into the documents becomes much smaller.

BAM focuses entirely on improving information management and the exchange of data. In this process, employees are becoming increasingly aware of the need to use data smarter. The touchscreen is - together with the Digital Construction Workplace from BAM and Office 365 with handy (mobile) apps - a stimulus for this transformation.

“BAM is transforming at a rapid pace. The BIMscreen is one of the various initiatives that offers valuable support in this transition. ”- Timothy Lievendag, BIM Manager, BAM.


Working with digital files that are stored on a central database also makes it possible to work more flexibly: anytime, anywhere. Remote collaboration is simple and efficient with a touchscreen. With a stable internet connection and the Office 365 support that the screen offers, you can work with Skype for Business or Teams from different locations in the same models. While cutting knots, all notes taken during a session, are saved immediately. And travel time too and from meetings is eliminated immediately as distance collaboration using the CTOUCH solution is just like being in the room!

Want to know more?

CTOUCH offers free on-site demonstrations anywhere in Germany. Simply visit www.ctouch.eu/de/geschaftlich to get started.

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