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The Laar
 Service Centre ‘Het Laar’ is a residential care centre for the elderly in Tilburg. The wishes and needs of the elderly are very important. Knowledgeable staff and committed volunteers aiming for high-quality and responsible care. A wide range of facilities, including a gym, chapel and barber makes life pleasant.

For years, Het Laar is in the top ranking of best nursing homes of the Netherlands. So in 2011 it was elected “leader in the care” and at a recent hospitality measurement a 10th place and 3 stars were achieved.

Customer wish
Het Laar is a large service centre that consists 3 buildings. Elderly people live there and various facilities are available. The reception in the great hall often has to contend with people who ask for directions to rooms, facilities, activities or have other questions. This will often lead to long waiting times and irritations.

Facilities manager, Mr. F. Maas, was involved with the issue and got the idea to develop an interactive signs screen. Following a policy of conversation and brainstorming session with Internarrow, specialized in interactive narrowcasting, the decision was made to develop a large interactive display with the directions.

Internarrow has built an interactive proof ring application (in 3D) in conjunction with an activity calendar. Visitors and residents can find the route within 3 seconds to the desired location. They can also look up the activities on the schedule there are these days. If there should be changes in the directions, this can very easily done by a user of Het Laar. Flexibility of the application was a condition. So, no need to order new road signs every time the signs change. In the end it was proven that the interactive screen solution has a higher ROI than producing road signs.

In the combination Internarrow has chosen the interactive displays of CTOUCH. For years, CTOUCH has experience with large format interactive displays for professional applications. In addition, the displays are made of sustainable and high-quality materials, are innovative and have a great design. “The choice was made in a second,” said Mr. M. Burghouwt, developer of Internarrow.

– lighting of the reception, no more queues
– active use of the screen
– innovative appearance
– satisfied residents and visitors
– flexibility in combination with cost savings

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