Wipe en shine Riva CTOUCH

A specially
screen cleaning kit

For every one of our
new Riva screens


We care about you, our touchscreen users

About your safety. About your peace of mind and about your ability to go about your job with confidence. These have been strange times indeed. But things will get better, and when they do, lets work together to keep them that way. So, for this reason, we now ship a specially developed screen cleaning kit.

For every one of our new Riva screens. Our cleaning fluid is a powerful yet safe cleaning substance that will remove any unwanted marks left by grubby fingers, as well as remove grime and germs with its unique formula. We have also ensured that it is a safe fluid to have around little ones, as we all know how curious they are sometimes. The soft cloth will also ensure your screen shines as brightly as you do 😊 when using it.

Stay safe.

Everyone at CTOUCH. x

Order the Riva cleaning kit

The specially developed fluid and cloth will arrive with all Riva screens purchased from xxxx. If you purchased your screen before this date, you will still be eligible to receive your cleaner. Simply fill in you details below, along with the screen serial numbers, and we will get it shipped out to you.

Ctouch Whipe Shine product