CTOUCH Promotes 21st-Century Skills

New technologies come and go at a rapid pace, and companies and their employees must constantly adapt to these changes. To prepare for this, it is important for young people to learn 21st-century skills at school. They will need these eleven skills, including creative thinking, collaboration and basic ICT skills, to be successful in the society of the future.

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A Touchscreen Brings the Connected Classroom to Life

If you are also working to develop your students’ 21st-century skills, the Laser Air+ touchscreen from CTOUCH will help you make great progress. Touchscreens stimulate interactive learning and improve collaboration, allowing students to work on their ICT literacy, creativity and communication skills. The Laser Air+ will make your lessons even more interactive and also brings the connected classroom to life. You can easily pair tablets, smartphones and laptops with the touchscreen, allowing you to make your lessons even more interactive and encourage your students to play an active role.

We Know Education

We have been experts in touchscreens for use in the classroom for ten years now. We know what you need and we know the latest technologies. With our touchscreens, you choose which programs you want to use. Your students will not be learning to work with a system that may no longer exist in ten years. They will learn the technical skills required to master any program — now and in the future.


The decision to swap the ‘old school’ whiteboard and projector combination for single interactive flat displays was an easy one

Jo Raeyen,

Liphook Junior School Business Manager

A touchscreen with perfect sound and images: The Laser Air+

CTOUCH is proud of the Laser Air+, the innovative touchscreen specially developed for use in the classroom. The board is fully interactive, reliable and versatile, helping your students to develop their 21st-century skills and encouraging them to play a more active role in your lessons. This not only makes lessons more effective but also more fun.

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The newest generation touchscreens


Boost interactive learning

The Laser Air+ provides perfect sound and images, is very easy and intuitive to use, and offers exceptional reliability. The touchscreen gives you a great amount of freedom to connect a range of devices wirelessly.

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A Wide Range of Practical Accessories

We also offer a wide range of accessories, including Wallom 2, a lift mount for your interactive CTOUCH touchscreen.  

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