1 Year of free Heartbeat Safe

Buy a CTOUCH Neo or CTOUCH Riva 2 display and enjoy 12 months of value-adding benefits. No strings attached: your trial period ends automatically.

Ctouch heartbeat safe deal

Benefit immediately

Claim your first year free and immediately enjoy the following:

  • Remote management system CTOUCH Sphere Advanced. Manage your devices with bulk actions, gain insight through personalised dashboards, backup and restore configuration and let multiple users manage at different levels
  • Training. Product training, CTOUCH Sphere software training, access to the CTOUCH Academy and more!
  • Functionality updates for a uniform user experience
  • Security updates for a safe user experience
  • Firmware updates for both a safe and uniform user experience
  • App functionality support. We make sure you're always able to use the functionalities of the included apps (such as screen sharing). Even going as far as providing you with an alternative app if pre-installed apps are no longer supported by the developer
  • Display buy-back or trade-in options

That's not all: our developers are working on adding more features you'll benefit from in the first year as we speak!

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Benefit for far longer

CTOUCH Heartbeat Safe maximises the value of your interactive displays significantly through:

  • Lifetime functionality, security and firmware updates
  • OS upgrades and upgrade modules
  • Contributing to the circular economy through buy-back and trade-in options for your used display
  • Warranty up to 10 years

Get to know Heartbeat Safe in your free first year and if you continue your Safe membership afterwards, you're guaranteed to benefit for years to come!

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Terms and Conditions

Eligible displays for this deal are model type 'CTOUCH Riva D2', 'CTOUCH Riva R2' and 'CTOUCH Neo'.
The trial period lasts 12 months starting from your invoice date.
The trial period ends automatically. After your trial, your display will automatically enjoy Heartbeat Fit.
You can claim your 12 months of free use within 6 months, starting from your invoice date.

Need help? We'll help you claim your deal.

Compare Heartbeat plans

Free registration Always free to use
paid Membership Claim your first year for free with Riva 2 and Neo
App functionality guarantee
Extended warranty
3-5 years
Up to 10 years